We Create, Connect, Propel

UNBEND Martech Pvt. Ltd. is a nexus of creativity, dialogue, and technology, shaping a dynamic space where narratives breathe, customer experience reigns supreme, and digital transformation takes on a new meaning.

With Unbend Agency, we craft compelling brand stories and seamless digital experiences, resonating with audiences.
In Unbend Voice, our Contact Center services go beyond support to orchestrate global satisfaction.
Meanwhile, Unbend Technology propels the future of digital transformation with top-tier web and mobile app development, setting industry standards.

What Can You Expect From Us

Unbend is a Business Unit of

Krishraj Group of Companies

In October 2023, Unbend was acquired by Krishraj Group of Companies. The acquisition was majorly due to the impressive portfolio and clientele of Unbend. As a group company, Unbend is looking to expand it's footprint beyond the sub-continent with plans of expanding to North America and the Middle East as early as the first quarter of 2024.

Krishraj Group of Companies has established itself as a pioneer in Real Estate, Hospitality and the Medical Devices segment since early 2000s. With the acquisition of Unbend, Krishraj has firmly taken a step towards developing a strong presence in the digital and technology ecosystem.